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The idea for happy life style with dog(In an apartment)

                       Tips for living with dog in an apartment

The city of Tokyo has been becoming as New York, Manhattan. The city has a lot of high-rise buildings and apartment. And Japanese life style has been changed as same as New Yorker. Now a day, many Japanese people living with dogs, cats and other kinds of animals.

Recently, Japanese pet owners have been involved many troubles with other tenants, property owners and building management company cause of their pets behavior. In this page, we advice you that living with dog comfortable in an apartment.

                                                                 Dog owners need higher responsibility

People who are living with dogs in an apartment, need to know highly knowledge and responsibilities for their dogs. And need to concern about other tenants who live in the same apartment.It will be a big trouble if your dog has excessive barking or biting problems. As you have known that New York is called melting pot. Many nationalities, races and religions people living together. Therefore they sometimes have trouble of their life style. In Manhattan, the dog owners are ejected from the apartment couse of their dog's unsuitable behavior.

                          I sue you!

In New York City, many people have trouble of their dogs behavior in the apartment. Some neighbors love dog but some neighbors don't like dog. Neighbors who do not like dog, they sometimes sue the dog owner because dog destroies their comfortable life. But most of the case, anti-dog people do not like dog owner's insensitive behaviors.

If the dog owner concern more about neighbors and provide a proper training for the dog, these trouble will be reduced. Dog owner has own right and dislike dog people have own right, if they claim their own right, they never have the agreement. And the final word "I sue you!" is coming from the tenant.

                              Apartment dog needs special training

The dog spends in an apartment is different from the dog spends in a detached house. Dogs that spending in an apartment need various special trainings are necessary. The dog has a lot of opportunities to see people and to be pet by other tenants. The dog should be neat and clean all the time. Our company philosophy is "Creating a comfortable symbiosis for both human and pets". Therefore, we believe that all pet owners have to consider about the people who do not have a pet or who do not like an animal. All pet owners should have high pride and consideration for non-dog owners. We wish that we would like to help you and your lovely pets for spending happier, secured and more comfortable life.

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