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Dog Training makes you and your dog a happy life.

Dog Training Expert: Kenn Sato

Dear Dog Lovers
Hello, dog lovers! Very nice to meet you. My name is Kenn Sato, I am a dog obedience training instructor. I did dog training and pet care business for 10 years Metropolitan area in New York City.
I had many many wonderful experiences with New York dog owners and their wonderful pooches. Now, I changed my working place here in Tokyo then introducing the great method of Dog Training New York style and their marvelous life style.

Training scene at a park in Manhattan

"Why you need obedience training for your dog?"
What is dog obedience training? It is the special method to have communication and shering happiness time with dogs. Will someone bring a happiness time for you? I don't think so. We all togather create the happiest time. When you taking a walk with your pooch. When you relaxing with your pooch at a park. When you play a ball with your pooch. All situations, you will have the greatest moment. Therefore, we need obedience training for you and your pooch's happy life. If you are interested in our method of Dog Training New York Style,
please contact us today.

Dog Run in Manhattan for small dogs

Most important for the obedience training
The most important thing for the obedience training is, you shoul know about your dog. About your dog's chacter, behaviral patten, what he/she likes, what he/she does not like,e.t.c. Your dog always watch you carefully and judges his/her behavior. Positive reinforcement is the method that you find dog's good behavior and praise. But sometimes dog owners make mistake this method. They finf dog's unsuitable behavior and try to modify it. Find dog's suitable behavior and reinforce it./font>

History of Kenn Sato

1989 Study abroad to Los Angeles from Tokyo
1990 Moved to New York City from L.A. by a car
1991 Entered State University of New York Fashion Institute of Technology, study for fashion design and merchandise
1993 Graduated F・I・T・ Work for a jewely company on 5th Avenue in Asian market expert for 6 years
1997 Entered Dog Trainers school in N.Y.
1998 Finished all program of dog trainers school became internship. Then established "K&C Dog Comfort!" as dog training and counseling office for dogs and their owners.
2000 Established "Oh! My Dog New York" a company of dog business consulting and online shop and exporting pet products to Japan
2001 Work for A.S.P.C.A as a voluntter staff ASPCA website
2004 Established N.Y. Dog Lovers Association
2005 Held a seminar of New rules of Quarantine at Japanese Consular Office New York City.
Japan Consular Office New York
2006 Acquired American Kennel Club "Canine Good Citizen(C.G.C) Test" Evaluator
American Kennel Club Website           Returned Japan in July
2007年 Established Dog Pro, Inc. in Japan
Operate "Dog Pro Navi"
Operate "Dog Pro Concierge"
Operate "New York Wan"

Company Information and Registration

Name Dog Pro, Inc. dba:New York Wan
Address 〒120-0035 11-19 Nakai-cho Senju Adachi-ku Tokyo
Phone # 03-3881-1188 Cell:080-6675-0550
Expiration fo registration 2013 April 1st
Registration Number Training:第2943号 Keep and care:第2942号

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