How to enroll the Dog Training New York Style

It is very simple!

Feel free to contact us for any your inquiry Inquiry

Contact us via Email or Phone Call

If you have any problems and concern about your dog, or you have accepted a new puppy, please contact us now. We will set up a free counseling for you.

The counsling in your place

On the appointment day, we will visit your house and check your dog's character and behavioral habits and suggest you the best training method, times of training and total fee for the training. And please feel free to ask us any kind of questions about dog and our services.


After the 45 minutes free counseling, if you would like to our dog training, we will ask you to fill out an application form. If you would not like to tale our dog training, but we will not charge you.

Strat the first training session

When you signed the application form, we will start the first dog training session aftre the counseling. We will demonstrate you how to control your dog and explain you basic communication method with your dog. The first training session aftre the counseling will be the short session. Please provide only ¥6,300 + actual travel cost.
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