Tips for creating a happy life with your dog

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The idea for happy life style with dog(In an apartment Vol.2)

Five tips living with dog in an apartment

                       #1 Provide a proper exercise

If you have any problems of your dog's behavior as damaged property, barking, please give your dog a proper exercise. Dogs spending in an apartment, sometimes not enough their exercise. And dog will have some stress. Especially, sporting dog and herding dog need certain amount of exercise everyday. Just give them enough exercise, some case dog will be very calm and you do not need train them. If you are busy and cannot give your dog a proper exercise, please use out walking service. We give them enough exercise and train them at the same time.
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                                                                 #2 Socialization Practice

Dogs spending their life in an apartment need some special training. You and your dog meet some people and other dogs in anywhere of inside of the apartment. If your dog has barking behavior to see the other dog or has aggression, it will be a big problem. But if your dog is very friendly with people and other dogs, you can enjoy your life in the apartment. Dog need well behabior and be friendly all the time in the apartment. We have special designed training for socialization practice in an apartment.

                          #3 Manners in an apartment

Please read the agreement of pet owners of the apartment. It mentions about rules of keeping dogs or other animals. If you would like to create a comfortable and happy life with your dog, you start following the apartment rules first. Can you dog "Sit/Stay" in front of the elevator? Can your dog walk on your side with slow speed? Can you imagine that your dog is still friendly but jump on a kid, old person?

Living in an apartment is very special environment. Please keep your dog on your side all the time and teach your dog manners in the apartment.

                             #4 Have a community with other dog owners

Please join or have communication with other dog owners in your apartment. You can receive a lot of useful information from them. About better animal hospital, good pet store and good grooming salon in your area. And the owner who has same breed dog as you have, you can trade beneficial information of training, illness that the breed has to care and other caring ideas. Maybe your dog friend will take care of your dog if you need to go away suddenly. If a trouble is happend, you do not need concern yourself, you can ask your dof friend in the apartment.

                                      #5 Coordinate your life style with your dog

Probably, you enjoy to coordinate your fashion, living room funiture, cartain, bed cover and more in your life. Same as it, coordinate your life style with your dog. However you do not need cencern well. Just think of what time or what sisuation will be happy with your dog. You give your dog good training and exercise. You and your dog have good manner in the apartment. Then what would you like to do with your dog? Make more dog lovers friends? A trip with your dog? If you feel happy and comfortable being with your dog, you have plenty of advantage spending life with your dog.

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